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  • ?Sturdiness? You can use this folding bench in your sunroom to keep your plants on. It works great for plants! Give your player a solid surface to sit with a solid base. The outdoor bench’s wide feet are key.This beach chair is solid plastic and the legs are metal and haven't broke yet.
  • ??High quality materials?Plastic Folding Bench use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to make it stronger.Safety locking mechanism allows the garden bench to be used stably after being opened, reducing the risk of overturning.Use more new materials to make the folding bench stronger and prolong its service life.
  • ??Easy to Clean? Sideline Bench that is easily cleaned and doesn't hold water or mildew.Plastic Folding Bench is easy to unfold and refold for storage. Of course, it is easier to open and clean.
  • ??Light weight?The folded benches only take up the space of folded chairs for storage and transportation (even compact car trunk will easily fit multiple benches). Perfect for cheering at school games.The park bench is light so that you can easily take it around.
  • ??Wide application range?This folding bench is perfect for raising items for a trade show (or on your showroom floor too). Also useful to pack in a small car as you buy it to a tailgate football game. You can use this Plastic Folding Bench in any occasion you need, such as Picnic Camping Dining Party and more



6ft Half Table Skinny